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Heal your gut for better immunity

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Heal your gut for better immunity with probiotics Maintain good immunity with probiotic foods If you are concerned with the state of your immune system, during the current Covid19 pandemic, probiotic foods should be on your daily menu. They are...
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My Favorite Detox Drinks

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The best drinks for good health If you prepare and consume the following drinks on a regular basis, you will significantly improve your chances of feeling quite fresh all year round. When you occasionnaly drink too much alcohol, eat a…

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Plant-Based Foods that are Rich in Iron


Did you know, according to the World Health Organization, that 25% of the world population suffers from anemia? Furthermore, more than half of these cases are due to an iron nutritional deficiency. Iron Deficiency and Anemia Iron helps maintain your blood…

Is It Really Necessary To Consume Organic Foods?


Why eat organic? Did you know that organic fruits and vegetables are actually tastier than non certified and/or GMO ones. Furthermore, according to many published studies the level of certain nutrients, such as calcium, iron and magnesium is higher in…

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Great Plant-Based Sources of Calcium


Did you know that its the calcium in the bloodstream is the first to decline through sweat and muscle contractions? As a result, active people need more dietary calcium. Also, to maximize calcium absorption and help with bone maintenance, vitamin…

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Reasons Not To Eat The Kids Halloween Candy


Reasons not to eat the kids Halloween candy This year you will not loose control, you will not feel bad about yourself, you are an adult and shall act responsibly… Or maybe not, in any case, here is a list…

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Do you spice it up?


Eat spices, lose weight Studies have shown that spices could play a key role when it comes to shedding extra pounds. They assist in tempering your appetite and they also stimulate your taste buds. Adding spices to your snacks and…

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Heal your gut to lose weight

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Heal your gut to lose weight with probiotics You might have already heard that yogurt was good for your digestion because of the presence of good bacteria (probiotics). But did you know your body is made of equal amounts of...
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How to Eat Less Meat and Still Get Your Protein

Change will start to happen depending on what you choose to put on your plate Plant protein instead of meat You probably already know that plant protein has a protective effect against diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or cancer....