« When you eat less meat, it’s not the quantity of calories that matters, it’s the quality! »

Blog on how to Eat Less Meat - Green to Glass

About the blogger

Welcome to my blog, my name is Valerie Gagnon, and I love food. A few years ago, I had a “aha moment” after viewing many documentaries and reading books detailing the link between food, health, animal welfare, the environment and world hunger. I wanted to eat less meat, and eventually adopt a fully plant-based diet.

I did a lot of research before making the transition to eating a more plant based diet. In fact, I discovered many fascinating related disciplines including the raw food movement, vegetarian and vegan philosophies, the human microbiome, gluten-free diets, and nutrigenomics. To broaden my knowledge, I undertook University studies in nutrition.

Eating less meat easier said than done!

Making the transition from eating meat, or animal by-products, at every meal, to eating almost only plant-based protein sources can be tricky when you make the switch on your own. Moreover, if you are also making changes for your children and your spouse, some resistance is to be expected in the beginning. I have experienced these challenges, and pushed through to finally achieve my goal: prepare healthy well-balanced and delicious meals without depending on meat. My kids and spouse actually enjoy smoothies with wheatgrass and hemp seeds in them, their taste buds and cravings have evolved. It’s almost “smooth(ie)” sailing from here…?

About the blog

After adopting a plant-based diet, I discovered firsthand the many health benefits of my green lifestyle. I was so enthusiastic about the new foods and recipes I was discovering, that I decided to embark on a new endeavor : offer transition guidance and support for individuals who wish to adopt an energizing, wholesome, earth friendly and ethical diet. The eating lifestyle I promote is flexible and non restrictive, it aims at gradually reducing the consumption of animal products, processed foods, gluten, and adding more natural foods, raw and fermented ingredients, juicing and blending, for optimal nutrition and health.

Help is on the way

In this blog, I offer guidance for grocery shopping (better choices and diversified menus). I also suggest a variety of new products and ingredients, superfoods and probiotics amongst others. Finally, I share wholesome plant-based recipe ideas for newbie’s and the most advanced health conscious foodies.

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