Dairy Free "Nutella Style" Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

15 portions


To make your homemade healthy Nutella you will need:

½ cup of pitted dates which have been soaked in water at least 2h, or if you have fresh Medjool dates no soaking is necesarry

½ cup of hazelnut butter

4 tablespoons of maple syrup or raw honey

¼ cup raw organic cocoa powder or half and half with organic carob powder to make your paste more nutritious

2 tablespoons filtered water, or more until smooth texture is obtained

2 tablespoons of deodorized coconut oil


Chocolate-hazelnut “healthy Nutella” spread

  1. To prepare your healthy Nutella style spread, all you have to do is mix all the ingredients above in a food processor until a smooth silky paste is formed. If your paste is too thick, you can tweak the texture by adding tiny amounts of water.

You can personalize this recipe to suit your tastebuds by making it sweeter, more chocolaty, silkier, etc. I prefer mine less sweet and with more cocoa for an extra dark chocolate aroma.

This antioxidant rich spread is perfect for a snack or breakfast and I recommend serving it on a sprouted grain or gluten free toasted slice of bread. If you store it in an airtight container in your refrigerator, it will last for weeks.

Healthy Nutella - Green to Glass

I recommend that you add the 5 ingredients above to your grocery list. Once you have these ingredients in your pantry, you will find that preparing this spread can easily fit in your busy schedule.

Protein content per serving: approx. 4g

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