Probiotic Fermented Miso Onions and Garlic - Green to Glass

Delicious fermented miso onions and garlic, vegan, gluten-free, probiotic, and super easy to prepare! The end result is a nice dark amber color and a mouth watering layered, salty taste.

Fermented onions and garlic cloves contain more nutrients and are more easily digested than their unfermented counterparts. When you combine a nutrient rich salad with fermented foods, your body absorbs and assimilates them more efficiently.

Miso, is a thick fermented paste made with beans. It's antioxidant and phytonutrient rich, and a great immune system strengthener.

Serves 4


To make these easy vegan, probiotic miso onions and garlic cloves you will need :

2 red onions, sliced lengthwise, or from root to stem

12 garlic cloves, boiled in hot water 1 or 2 minutes max.

6 tbsp miso paste of your choice, and more for topping the two glass jars.


  1. Separate your garlic cloves and onions in 2 separate bowls.
  2. Add 3 tablespoons of miso in each bowl. Massage in miso, and let sit for 20 minutes.
  3. Spoon miso onions into a 1-quart glass jar, and the garlic bulbs in a separate jar.
  4. Compress the onions and the garlic at the bottom of the jars and top with an extra miso layer to cover them completely.
  5. Ferment for at least 3-4 weeks, because a longer fermentation will yield a more mild flavor.


Probiotic Fermented Miso Onions and Garlic - Green to Glass

Miso is a complete protein, and a good source of B vitamins, especially B12! This fermented soybean paste also restores beneficial probiotics to the intestines. Adding miso to your diet, will:

  • strengthen the quality of your blood and lymph fluid;
  • reduce your risk for breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers;
  • assist in the chelation of heavy metals and discharge them from your body.


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