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"Eating less meat, easier said than done..."

This blog is for everyone who wishes to gradually introduce more plant-based protein in their diet. If your goal is to eventually adopt a semi-vegetarian, vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, you will find guidance here. This site is also suited for individuals who wish to benefit from a healing raw food diet (eating mostly or all unprocessed and uncooked foods), a gluten-free diet, or for those who whish to recalibrate their eating habits. The transition process of adopting healthier eating habits, or a new lifestyle, can be quite challenging and time consuming. I intend to share my knowledge in health and nutrition and my cooking experiences to offer a variety of recipes, approved and tested, for the whole family.

calcium plant-based - Green to Glass

Great Plant-Based Sources of Calcium


Did you know that its the calcium in the bloodstream is the first to decline through sweat and muscle contractions? As a result, active people need more dietary calcium. Also, to maximize calcium absorption and help with bone maintenance, vitamin…

Tofu recipe with orange juice and teriyaki sauce - Vert au Verre

Orange Teriyaki Tofu

Main courses
Tofu Recipe with Orange Teriyaki Sauce Serves 4 Ingredients For this flavorful tofu recipe with orange juice you will need: 2 blocks of Non GMO or organic tofu, well drained and wrapped in paper towel to absorb maximum humidity, and...
Good reasons not to eat Halloween candy - Green to Glass

Reasons Not To Eat The Kids Halloween Candy


Reasons not to eat the kids Halloween candy This year you will not loose control, you will not feel bad about yourself, you are an adult and shall act responsibly… Or maybe not, in any case, here is a list…

Raw cocoa nibs and powder - Vert au verre

Raw Cocoa Nibs and Powder

Raw cocoa nibs and powder - Your allies for good health How frequently do I use this ingredient? This product is definetely a staple in my pantry. I use it regularly in my smoothies, my deserts and snacks for a...
Eat spices - Green to Glass

Do you spice it up?


Eat spices, lose weight Studies have shown that spices could play a key role when it comes to shedding extra pounds. They assist in tempering your appetite and they also stimulate your taste buds. Adding spices to your snacks and…

Probiotics - Green to Glass

Heal your gut to lose weight

Heal your gut to lose weight with probiotics You might have already heard that yogurt was good for your digestion because of the presence of good bacteria (probiotics). But did you know your body is made of equal amounts of...