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Raw cocoa nibs and powder - Your allies for good health

How frequently do I use this ingredient?

This product is definetely a staple in my pantry. I use it regularly in my smoothies, my deserts and snacks for a healthy chocolaty base. In fact, I rarely have chocolate bar cravings because the raw cocoa nibs and powder satisfy my chocolate urges.

Have you heard of raw cocoa nibs?

Raw cocoa is the most complex and nutrient rich food on earth! It is categorized with the superfoods and contains over 200 health boosting substances.

Cocoa nibs are obtained by coarsely grinding fermented and dried cocoa beans. At this stage of the processing, the cocoa is still in its raw state. Therefore it has preserved it’s enzymes. Unlike traditional cocoa: it has undergone roasting at high temperatures and therefore its nutrients and enzymes are partly destroyed.

What is the difference between raw cocoa and the traditional kind?

Traditional cocoa, which has half of its medicinal properties diminished, is the one you are probably used to cooking with. Chocolate based studies rely on purified and isolated composites that are very similar to raw cocoa. Its antioxidant content is seven times higher than regular cocoa. Raw cocoa nibs or powder must be consumed in recipes that exclude the cooking process if you wish to benefit from all their nutritional attributes.

Here are the 10 best nutritional attributes of raw cocoa :

  • it is an excellent source of magnesium, the “heart mineral”, good for vascular health and a stress reducer;
  • a source of potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, copper and manganese ;
  • very high in fiber ;
  • a powerful antioxidant, twice the content found in red wine and three times more than green tea, in fact it has proven anti-aging properties ;
  • it can have a rising effect on the level of certain neurotransmitters that influence your feelings of well-being because it makes your serotonin level rise ;
  • has lipolytic properties, therefore helps burn fat cells ;
  • it is an aphrodisiac ;
  • contains phenylalanine, an amino acid that effects memory and alertness ;
  • its a source of theobromine, a chemical compound that inhibits fatigue ;
  • rich in sulfur, raw cocoa helps regenerate collagen and keratin: great for shiny hair and strong nails.

However, it would be prudent not to overeat this fabulous product, especially if you have anxiety issues: two or three times a week is perfect. Finally, it is best to purchase organic raw cocoa, to avoid the presence of cadmium, a heavy toxic metal (coming soon: an article about the presence of toxic heavy metals in food).

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